Lunch & Learn…

A community service event.

On a date of your choosing, our doctors will come to YOUR office equipped with massage chairs, food, and a wealth of knowledge.  They will share information about HEALTHY LIVING, DIET, EXERCISE, and NUTRITION.  They will also be there to answer any questions you may have about HEALTH!

The sessions range from THIRTY MINUTES to TWO HOURS, depending on your preference.  We will bring a LIGHT, HEALTHY LUNCH or SNACK, perform 10 MINUTE CHAIR MASSAGES, POSTURAL EXAMS, and BLOOD PRESSURE CHECKS for everyone.

 RELAX, SIT BACK, and take in a GREAT PRESENTATION on various topics of health related issues!

The best part is… IT’S FREE!

Four Seasons Chiropractic has been serving our community for 22 years.  This has been one of our ongoing community services and is always very well received and appreciated.  Not to mention, it makes YOU (the employer) look good as well!

Please check our TESTIMONIAL page to view testimonials from past events!

Send us an email or give us a call if you’re interested in hosting an event!  We’d be more than happy to send along a packet of information (as the one pictured above)!