Lunch and Learn

Lunch & Learn Testimonials:

Lunch & Learn @ Meritain Health: May 19th, 2010

“I found it very good, informative and more a talk on general health.  I was expecting more about manipulations and was pleasantly surprised when that was not mentioned.  They gave us some easy exercises that you can do at your desk for 30 seconds and they can help by stretching and taking pressure off your back by just getting up for 30 seconds and walking just a few steps.”

“I thought the “on site” massages were a great idea and found the demonstration of stretches we can do at our desks to be helpful.  I plan to incorporate them into my day.”

“It was good (okay great).  What a nice group. They were very helpful about health, nutrition, exercises to do.  If ever I need a chiropractor that is the group I would go to.”

“I thought it was good information about our health and simple things we can all do to stay healthy.  They gave examples of what type of vitamins and supplements every body needs.  They also gave ideas of stretching, which we all know, but is nice to be reminded… The massage was great.  Now all my kinks are gone.”

“This is not what I was expecting, it was better and informative.  I think it should have been mandatory, those that didn’t stay missed out… Their loss!”

Lunch & Learn @ JFCS: May 24th, 2010

“I thought the presentation was wonderful.  What a team effort.  I enjoyed the massage, the power point and the nutritional information.  I liked the Q & A time and could’ve listened for another hour.”

“…brief and succinct and brought [the] chiropractic presentation to our level.  …[the] talk about supplements-pharmaceutical vs. food grade was very intriguing.  [I] could have listened all afternoon.”